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ME860 MIUI 4.0.4 ROM Vondroid V1

ME860 MIUI 4.0.4 ROM

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  1. Tuen

    Today 巴士 bring us a small update of Motorola ME860 MIUI 4.0.4 ROM, we all know the United States MiuiV4 for Olympus is a production based Jokersax CM9 and Nexus 4.0 ROM, now produced in various models suitable for all machine type-specific ROM, 小编 today introduced this ROM is based on ROM MIUI official really made ​​the Motorola ME860 optimizing compiler and integrated in the new version of the Motorola ME860 some of the more useful new features for our people to use . Want to learn more about the ROM information, please read the following ROM features.

    ROM features:

    This ROM is based on the optimizing compiler Miuiv4US-2.4.27

    ME860 system-wide APK alignment optimization, the phone system-wide 99% complete finished system forced on hardware acceleration

    The new version of the ROM is the new 4.0-memory mechanism and built-in system acceleration module

    Add power optimization in the phone script and system optimization script on the phone default power control mechanism to improve

    Improve the smooth running of the phone system to adjust the the Kernel parameters and mobile phone interface sliding effect

    Sense of vibration of the phone to adjust for comfort, Wifi scan interval adjustment will be led in a dark environment, adjust the brightness

    Correction ME860 dial delay correction on the phone upgrade script, the system framework and Wifi configuration file

    Modify the GPS / AGPS, making the phone faster positioning, the virtual memory of the phone is amended as 64M to play the game more to the force

    Modify the SD card cache 3072KB, accelerate the SD card read speed

    Power consumption on the mobile phone, 3G network effects and camera function to optimize

    Phone DSP audio effect, global touch response and automatic brightness sensitivity optimized

    Optimize the phone application memory accounted to optimize I / O parameters, making the phone more energy-saving, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WIFI up / down speed optimization

    Phone useless library files and APK procedures to streamline, upgrade to the latest phone's internal software and internal components, update the list of words of some filter ads, phone drive to improve

    To phone Sony Bravia Engine v3 engines integrated the latest RE Manager and the latest version Google calendar / contacts synchronization service

    Optimize the phone's memory management mechanism Build.prop correction, synchronization git on the latest code

    The previous version of the Camera occasional crash bug fix phone Wifi drive upgrade to solve the problem WiFi unstable;

    The new version of the ROM pea pods and other third-party mobile assistive software to support

    Firmware Information:
    Firmware risk, need to be cautious before flash the firmware, Back up important data to be backed up;
    Firmware to ensure the adequacy of the phone's memory space, than at least Firmware Pack download file, because we need put the firmware pack on the phone inside the SD;
    Firmware Make sure the phone battery sufficient battery power must be above 50% to be free when flash firmware half the battery died, Flashing will fail, cause the phone into a brick;

    Motorola ME860 Flash tutorial:

    1, Please download the good Motorola ME860 latest firmware pack on the phone's SD card root directory (Where firmware easy to find)

    2, Phone completely shut down completely shut down: the phone off, open the back cover of the phone, remove the battery of the phone, and then installed, so that your phone is completely turned off

    3, while holding down the power button and volume down until a small robot

    4, at the same time hold the volume plus and volume reduction into recovery mode corresponding explanation:

    • Reboot system now
    • Wipe data / factory reset settings
    • Wipe cache partition
    5, wipe your phone, that is, first empty the cache, and then delete the user data restore factory settings, double-wipe to do is select Wipe data / Factory reset and Wip ecache partition information on the phone to delete this information we are more important, so it is necessary in the brush before these data backup

    6, your phone into Recovery mode, select install zip from sdcard by volume plus or minus key

    7, and then select choose zip from sdcard, find just placed ROM Firmware in the package xxx.zip file to the SD inside, confirm the selection after Brush, general phone the Brush takes about 20 minutes, you can be patient

    First boot need a longer time, please be patient, your backup data recovery can be after the success of the Brush.
    巴士 MOTO small Tips:

    If you feel the above flash is more complex, afraid of accidentally painted brick their phones, small to provide you with a one button flash, just only one key can help you complete the above flashwork for some just start with Android phones and flash.

    Screenshot_2013-04-22-11-08-40.png Screenshot_2013-04-22-11-09-55.png Screenshot_2013-04-22-11-10-02.png Screenshot_2013-04-22-11-10-18.png Screenshot_2013-04-22-11-10-25.png Screenshot_2013-04-22-11-10-34.png

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