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MK808 - Official Firmware 4.1-beta-03-11-2012

MK808 - Official Firmware Stock BETA - 3rd Nov. 2012

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  1. mrkus21
    MK808 - Official Firmware from 3rd Nov. 2012
    Stock BETA Firmware !!!

    Android 4.1 based​

    • It fixes the system corrupt when using the reboot app.
    • It also seems to fix the cpu governors that they are all able to go up to ~1400Mhz and can be set by SetCPU.
    Update the Firmware the same Way as Tablets with RK3066.
    If you donĀ“t know how, use this Instructions here:
    This is a different (older) Firmware but same way to Flash it !

    If anyone uses it, please post Info of Kernel Version and Build Info, that I can update it here.​

    Source: geekbuying

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