5 Most Unique Carved Art

Discussion in 'User Lounge' started by kursikantormu, Oct 2, 2017.

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    Through carved artwork, the world's artists can introduce their figures to the public and communicate what is on their minds.Even so, the art of carving not only have those who cultivate the field-that's just like the activist furniture business furniture or office furniture such as chairs, tables and cabinets that generally use wood raw materials and then given touch touch hand / handmade, but also those who are interested to enjoy it.Here are some of the sculptures that amaze you.

    1. The longest wood carving art in the world
    China has a long history in the art of woodcarving.For centuries, the master sculptures in China have produced amazing works that are remembered to this day.
    Now, a Chinese creative artist, Zheng Chunhui, features a woodcarving he has carved for four years.Carved carvings on a 12-meter-long wooden trunk illustrates the atmosphere of the Qingming Festival.
    As you can imagine, Zheng takes a lot of patience to finish his work.However, it is certainly not in vain.
    In addition to being praised by various parties for his success in making this phenomenal work, Zheng is also listed as the record holder of the world's longest wood carving in the Guinness Book of Records.As reported by odditycentral, carving has a length of 12,286 meters, width of 3,075 meters and height of 2,401 meters.

    2. Art of Carving With Lipstick Media
    This one cosmetic lipstick can be transformed into an extraordinary artwork by creative hands.Ever imagined if your face is immortalized in an expensive lipstick?
    Well, a creative artist from Singapore, May Sum, managed to attract the attention of the world after showing off his work in the form of carving the faces of world artists on famous brand lipstick.Some famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Audrey Hepburn became her inspiration in carving lipstick.
    Some famous brand lipsticks such as Yves Saint Laurent and Estee Lauder are the base for his work.Because the raw materials used in making these artworks are not cheap, May sells his work with prices ranging from USD 600 or approximately USD 6.7 million.

    3. Art of Banana Carving
    Keisuke Yamada is a self-taught Japanese artist skilled in carving bananas.Only by using spoons and toothpicks, these young artists can create amazingly unique artworks.
    Carving a banana is certainly not an easy thing, but it takes a special skill.In addition to having a fragile fruit texture, the color of banana meat is also rapidly changing.To spread his work, the 26-year-old artist is diligently uploading photographs of his work to the Japanese art site, Pixiv.

    4. Art Carving at the end of pencil
    The small pencil tip in the hands of an artist named Dalton Ghetti will be a unique work of art that not many people can make of course with the accuracy of the level of dewalah and patience that occupy the work can be produced.He carved a pencil tip into drawings such as mosques, hearts, churches and much more that really makes you shake your head

    5. Carving Rice Beans
    If rice is generally used to meet daily needs, different functions if rice is in the hands of Willard Wigan this rice can be made a rich micro art with human carvings, boats and so on
    The four spectacular works of art can not be done by people in the sense that only those who have a special soul can do so and certainly with extra exercises and perfect resilience in order to create amazing results

    Thus the thread about the 5 Most Beautiful and Creative Manuscripts Made from the greatest and longest to the smallest media of their artists who is no longer doubtful of his creativity idea can make something blum ever existed in this life or era that makes the growing number of ideas or ideas about the creativity of the art of carving in particular.
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