Comparison between Ainol Novo9 and Chuwi V99

Discussion in 'V99' started by yogeshsherman, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. yogeshsherman

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    I am looking to buy a tablet but still confused and hope you guys out there would help me decide which one is better.
    I have short listed down to two tablets Ainol Novo9 and Chuwi V99 ,I left Onda V972 because of it's dead pixels and color bleeding issues I read in the forums.

    So my first question is which of these two has better Processor
    ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core vs Allwinner A31,ARM A7 though both seems to have same architecture. Results say that allwinner is bit better but I require your say.

    Same with graphics CHUWI seems to have an edge but need to know from the users how the device performs.

    Is there any issues with the screen resolution or playback of HD videos or running the videos on retina displays, some says that CHUWI V99 lags or shut down.

    How is the battert life of these two and which one takes more time to charge.
    Which one has better ROM as Ainol boasts of 1gb ROM and 16 gb nand flash apart from 2gb ram.

    If you suggest anything else which I missed please share it here as soon as possible.

    P.S. Do anyone knows the website for CHUWI V99
  2. alpappy

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    HI I have an ainol aurora 11 and a chuwi quad The chuwi with the latest firmware is stable and the build quality is as good as the ainol. Battery life on the chuwi is about 4 hours on continuous use with very long standby use. Surprised to hear that about the onda I had an onda 8 Inch and the screen was very good indeed The momo had dead pixels in bunches So there is batch specific element in all of these tablets, The chuwi is very fast . Only problem I have with the Chuwi is the limited market and the mic/speakers are poor. Users say the Onda has better I use skype it is important to me
    Hope that helps
    All are a compromise in one way or another
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