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Disassemble Ainol Novo 8 Discovery

Discussion in '' started by SpeMall, May 6, 2013.

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    Ainol Novo 8 Discovery Quad Core tablet Review
    It is said that Ainol Novo 9 Spark is like ipad, and Novo 8 Discovery is like iPad Mini. Now let’s show the more detail of Novo 8 Discovery as below:
    Here are the pictures of it:


    Back is aluminum alloy shell

    The connector equips with tablet bottom which likes Dream, from left to right is TF slot, MIC wheat harvest sound hole, micro usb data line interface, HDMI interface, DC charging hole, headphone jack.

    Power button is on the upside, volume keys and the HOME key on the side

    It is the first time to placed single speaker and opening on the above right side, with a metal air filter

    The back shell looks like a matte silver because of reflective reasons, actually, it is not.

    From the picture, you can see the Ainol Novo 8 Discovery adopts narrow design compare with Novo 8 Dream.

    It is very easy to disassemble the tablet, but be careful not pull off the speaker cable, you can clearly see that it adopts thicker alloy for protecting the individual components are not top and can be placed slightly thicker battery, each piece back shell is individually milling thin. It is said it should take a few minutes on each of the back cover machining processes. Though it costs more than before, it can enhance the capacity of the battery as much as possible.

    From the detail above, you can see the separation of a small PCB board design and patch cables (including battery, speaker, vibration), cable (including screen, touch, camera, interface board, key board), IPX standard plug WiFi port. I can say that the Ainol Novo 8 Discovery is the most regular compact machine in all Ainol tablets, which is the extreme on the use of space. I know the news of the development and design until now, almost four months. Ainol still bring a good tablet for us, though it released late.

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