Custom Firmware First Port to the Cube T7 Phablet.

Discussion in 'Cube Unlisted' started by Keith Manns, Oct 17, 2015.

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    Galaz Galapad A1, SM-T800 16GB
    Cube T7, Huawei Ascend Mate 2 LTE
    After trying and trying and failing, I have finally figured out a way to port a rom to the Cube T7.
    This has proven the only method (in my experience) to work. All the standard methods have failed
    each time.


    Things you need.

    latest Spftool
    and the Rom package

    NOTE:You need to know that you can't just flash the package I put together. You will
    need to use the TWRP recovery that comes in the package to transfer file from your external sd to
    the system folder and so forth. Also the proper permission to set.

    Step 1: Flashing the images.

    I've already pulled the correct img from each folder and put it together for you.
    The only thing that you will need to do is extract the folder and use the spf tool to
    install the firmware.
    Note** In order to keep the 3.97 app storage, I've had to make sure to use the
    Spf tool to do a full format except for the bootloader.

    Step 2: Repairing the Rom

    In the rar package, I included all the files need to fix the rom so
    it will work smoothly on your phone. The files can be located in
    the "system" folder which will need to be copied to your external sdcard

    At this point you will already have flash the images and turn on the phone.
    You will notice that the after you turn it on, you will get a warning that says "Cpu overheating"
    or at least to that affect. This is not true by the way, this is from the fact the tp settings are off
    from the original rom. Either way the warning will force boot your phone which again is fine.

    Once this happens you will need to go to recovery.
    Once in recovery make sure that you go ahead and mount your
    system partition.

    With this done you will be able to go to /system/etc/.tp
    This folder contains the files that control the thermal manager for
    the rom. You want to delete this folder. YES DETELE IT!!!
    Once deleted, go to the system folder that you should have copied to your
    external Sdcard. You need to copy /system/etc/tp to the exact location that you
    just deleted the original.

    Once you've done this you will need to set the permissions for the folder and the
    files contained. The folder needs to be set to 0755 and the files inside need to be set to 0644.

    Once done its best to go ahead and use the recovery to flash to root your device before
    restarting. Once restarted you will need to use root explorer or es explorer root function to
    copy all the files to there correct locations and set their permissions. Each file is in its corresponding
    folder as it should be in the system partition. All you will need to do is copy and past from the folder on the external and
    paste to the same folder in the system partition. For those that may not know, all files will be set to 0644/rw--r--r-- and folders that you copy over will be 0755/rwxr-xr-x (if your using root explorer, just un check the group and others on the "Write" permissions.

    Whats not working?

    I can't figure out how to get the camera to working.
    I've used standard tuts to try and copy the right files or libs
    but not luck as of yet. If anyone figures out a way please share!!!

    Also, if you have the fold case, the screen does not come on when you
    open the fold. Also when double tapping the screen, this does not take it out of sleep
    mode. From what I've seen those are the only things that dont work. If you see something
    else, please report it to this thread.

    Also in the package you will find the Carliv 3.3 recovery version for our phone.
    Thanks to kushyree from for building it for us.
    He also has been assisting me in trying to port other roms to our phone. We owe him a lot of thanks.

    Let me know if you guys need any help with this. I will do the best I can to try and help out. Enjoy.
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