PIPO M6pro - problem with drivers for Windows

Discussion in 'PiPO Unlisted' started by vet2212, Nov 12, 2013.

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    pipo m6 pro
    My PIPO M6 PRO tablet in these two weeks doing great. Model with Rockchip 3188. New and not root tablet. I wanted him full backing him via PC with Windows. But now there is a problem. Although I duly installed Java for developers as well as the Android SDK from Google USB driver to win xp sp3, but also on Win 7 x64 can not establish a connection. PC recognize that this is a m6pro, but reported that no driver. I downloaded the drivers for Rockchip 3188 with this forum; with rockchip.nl ..., but to no avail. On www.pipo.cn official support of this is bad.
    How to find the right drivers? Does anyone have a solution?
    Please help!!
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