App/Game Review The Worldwide MMORPG - Starry Fantasy Online Coming on Thanksgiving!!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by freddy_lee, Nov 25, 2016.

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    The Worldwide MMORPG - Starry Fantasy Online
    Coming on Thanksgiving!!!

    Official Video:


    Socialize with Other Players

    - Upload Selfie in Personal Blog

    - Knock and add other player as Friends

    - Built-up your own Popularity

    Marriage system

    - Propose and Marry with be-loved partners.

    - Two different Wedding Styles

    - Sync Wedding Ring to get avatar stronger and powerful

    PVP Arena & Clan Siege Battles

    - Challenge with others in arena & be the champion

    - Battle Boss alone or Team up with Friends

    - Fight with the best Strategy to win Siege Battles

    Various Type of Costume, Phantasm and Gadget

    - Select your own Character Appearance

    - Able to change your Character Outlook with Unique and Special Costume

    - Outstanding Phantasm and Adorable Gadgets

    Cross-Platform so you can play anytime, anywhere

    Are you are worry running out of batter on the phone, don't worry, we got you.

    This game is Cross-platform from PC, Mobile and Pad. You can easily enjoy the game with friends log anytime and anywhere.

    FB Fan Page:
    Official Website:
    Google Play:
    PC Client:
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