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Which smart watch do you prefer?

Discussion in 'NO.1 (Manufacturer)' started by NO.1 phone, Oct 21, 2016.

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    NO.1 presents new G-series smartwatch. The G series of NO.1 identifies smartwatches with proprietary operating system equipped with MTK2502 to help you manage voice calls thanks to the microphone and speaker.


    The sport appearance and affordable price make the NO.1 G5 access to the favorite of customers. NO.1 never slow down. Recently, the latest G-series of smart watches NO.1 G6 appears in our field of vision. What is the difference between them?

    Of course, the G-series Smart watch with MTK2502. They also have Bluetooth 4.0. And they also can connect with IOS and Android system. If you install the app ” Fundo” or ” MediaTek SmartDevice” on your smarthone. You can synchronization information freely.

    The biggest difference is probably in their craft. NO.1 G6 use Top rubber material as a watch strap. Watch case material is smoother and brighter.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If your smart watch can replace the strap, do you prefer? The good news in here. NO.1 G6 can change the strap what you like. NO.1 think steel strap more suitable for G6.


    NO.1 make new video ” NO.1 G6 Smart watch VS NO.1 G5 Smart watch” on YouTube. Everyone can learn more from here:

    Hope you will find your favorite one.
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