How is VonDroid funded?

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How is VonDroid funded?
We don't like advertisments (Google Ads etc) so we rely on donations and personal investment from the founders. At the moment VonDroid has one server in the EU, Licensed XenForo software and other costs.

Why does VonDroid cost money to run?
One of the main reasons for creating VD was because we don't like third party hosting websites, for this reason we host our own files and users, developers and others are welcome to upload their creations. The average ROM is approximately 220MB is size. If this is downloaded just 1000 times then we have already used 220GB. We pay for a dedicated 100MBps line which means European users should get pretty impressive speeds.

Why do you need a server and why don't you use "Unlimited Hosting"?
It's simple. "Unlimited Hosting" offered by well known web hosting companies is not unlimited at all. This site wouldn't last more than a day on an "unlimited" hosting package. This is because these companies heavily restrict bandwidth speeds, downloads sizes and many other aspects.

What does running VonDroid cost?

  • Server - £65 (Per month)
  • Bandwidth (additional) - £50 (Per Month)
  • XenForo - £110
  • Other Licenses - £75

How can I help?
If you would like to donate please use the button below. All donations go straight back into the website to offer more availability. We hope to get a USA server soon for our North American users.

Users who donate £10 ($16) or more are given Supporter status on the forum and allowed early access to firmware, staff chat, developer chat and other features.

If you would like to donate please visit this page in your user area
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