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B13 TV Stick - Official Firmware 4.1.1-05-03-2013

B13 - Official Firmware - 5th March 2013 - v411_130301

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  1. mrkus21
    B13 - Official Firmware 5th March 2013

    Version: V411_130301

    B13: (Looks like the imito 1 with a Cam...)
    like this:

    How to Upgrade: maybe the same Way as the MK802IIIS...
    1. Download the RKBatchTool1.5en.zip unzip it.
    2. Download the update.img
    3. Open RKBatchTool.exe and select the update.img File
    4. Connect the USB Cable to your Computer, click connect to PC at your Menu.
    5. Now connect the USB Cable to your Stick´s OTG Port.
    6. Windows will ask you to install the Driver (Rockusb.zip), unzip it and install !
    7. If your Installation was correct the "1" Icon on your RockchipBatchTool will turn to blue ! Then click "Update" for Recovery.
    8. Be patient and wait till BatchTool has finished. That´s it.
    Download Drivers here: http://vondroid.com/threads/rockchip-usb-driver-for-windows-2000-xp-vista-7-8.6151/
    Download RKBatchTool here: http://vondroid.com/threads/rockchip-batch-tool-version-1-5.7420/

    Please tell us if this works, not tested yet.
    And please correct me if I´m wrong I thought the B13 has no Reset Button like the MK802IIIS.

    Everything you do is on your own Risk. I´m not responsable for any Problems caused.
    I only provide you Informations for flashing this Image.
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