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CFW 20130702 ZP780_C2-4.2.1 2013-07-27

CFW 20130702 ZP780_C2-4.2.1

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  1. Tuen
    ROM Description:
    1, based on the official transplant native brush card pack
    2, Sony display technology patch, plug clearer
    3, removal of unwanted theme, improve the overall fluency;
    4, build optimized to enhance your photo effects and jpg display effect;
    5, delete the ROM which comes with all the useless files;
    6, by adding shortcuts to restart the power menu, user enters rec Brush mode!
    7, single card single display, dual card dual display
    8, add the Sony Bravia Engine display engine enhancements;
    9, adding full ROOT and super authorization management;
    10, forced into memory in the Home program;
    11, reducing the time delay after dialing;
    12, to improve the global touch screen response;
    13, the global odex, reducing memory footprint;
    14, so the APK file zipliang alignment;
    15, V6 power script;
    16, the kernel add INIT, D support;
    17, add the init.d script;
    18, added busybox super commands support;
    19, add V4 sound support;
    20, the profile update the GPS positioning faster
    21, hosts file updates
    22, the status bar transparent
    23, the global transparent background with wallpaper changer
    24, RF optimization, saving more energy
    25, the status bar displays the network speed
    26, the native Android 4.2.1, the limit fluency you deserve
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