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CFW Android 4.2.1 from Tc662 0.18

CFW Android 4.2.1 from Tc662

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  1. Tuen
    from needrom.com
    This rom is based on: CFW 20130702 ZP780_C2-4.2.1
    This rom should work on all ZP980 and C2. I think it will work on C3 as well, but had no confirmation of that.

    Camera has a problem, for some people it does not work. Looking into a fix. (0.16 and 0.17)
    New update,

    Added a slim version based on stock android, extremely fast and smooth, best one yet imo!
    I didn't do much to this rom, but took it from chinese website, so just uploading it here to share!
    New update v0.5 based on stock 07/17
    This is completely different rom then what I uploaded here before, it's still based on stock, but should be faster and everything should be working better. There's currently still a problem with root not always working, so when asked by TWRP to fix root, please do so. If you don't have root after flash simply use the program eroot.
    New update 0.16!
    1. (Hopefully) Fixed camera not working (If after flash still doesn't work, reboot)
    2. Improved long press home button to go to recent apps
    3. Changed bootanimation to default google
    4. Added more ringtones etc that i accidently removed.
    5. Some random tweaks to increase performance
    6. Fix for keyboard sometimes not installed with rom
    7. probably more that i´ve forgotten by now [​IMG]

    Small update: Added ZOPO C2/ZP980 – Update v0.15 – Notification Bar
    This version is v0.15 but with download speed in notification bar again by request [​IMG]
    New update v0.15!
    1. Removed download speed from notification bar. Thanks ErrieR
    2. Reduced rom size from 324mb to 272mb
    3. Improved the amount of ram avaible
    4. Removed Google search from rom, this was using alot of ram for some reason. you can install it from google play store and then it will work fine.

    update! v0.14 now!
    1. Default language is now english
    2. Fixed root for some users not working
    3. Removed 1 left over chinese app that I missed
    4. Removed some more useless software
    5. Few more GPS tweaks
    6. Can't remember what but I did more things [​IMG]

    Few of the changes:
    1. Sony display technology software
    2. Build is optimized, Camera has been improved and videos + photos are better looking.
    3. Ghost touches (If caused by software) are now fixed.
    4. Sony bravia engine for better looking videos and photos.
    5. English supersu root
    6. Apex launcer
    7. Improved GPS, first fix might take awhile, but after that it should be quick as lightning with good accuracy.
    8. Has all the google apps including gmail, play store, maps etc

    All credits go to original maker!

    I'm not someone thats really good with roms, so dont hold me responsible if something goes wrong, i'm just trying to help and making this rom avaible for wider public [​IMG]

Recent Updates

  1. New update, v0.18
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