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Custom CFW Vondroid Cube U35GT2 v1.x 1.2

CFW Vondroid Cube U35GT2 v1.x

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  1. Tuen
    This is a Cube U35GT2 Custom firmware builded by Tuen from Vondroid.com.

    Based on OFW V1.05 with following changes:
    • CWM Recovery (ClockWorkMod)
    • Rooted
    • Debloated Chinese Software
    • Add apps (Youtube, ES File Explorer)
    • Apps updated
    • Ads block (host file)
    • Partial Build.prop optimise
    • Init.d support
    • Support extra .ko files (Tun.ko, cifs.ko, nls,…)
    • Default language English/Default location London
    • Wifi optimise
    • ...

    Screenshot_2014-01-07-18-54-21.png Screenshot_2014-01-07-18-54-26.png Screenshot_2014-01-07-18-54-30.png Screenshot_2014-01-07-18-54-36.png
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Recent Updates

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  2. Update 1.1
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