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CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 2.x 2.1.0

CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 2.x

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  1. Tuen
    Based on King Slim Rom and CFW Vondroid V1.2.4

    Main feature King Slim Rom
    • Changed the main launcher launcher AOSP (Android Open Source Project.)
    • Changed the camera by Lenovo. (Incredible camera.) (Install after installing the rom… FC problem.)
    • Including the native gallery.
    • A change in the UI System.
    • New battery icon.
    • Removed R roaming the notification bar.
    • Changed wifi icons in the quick settings, also the animation.
    • Added Clock of cyanogenmod.
    • Added ad-way, blocks ads, earn and data flow.
    • Added the email application that many people was missing.
    • Semi-transparent Status Bar.
    • More fluent, more bloatware has been removed and applied more tweaks.

    with following changes from King Slim Rom
    • Updated Kernel and Baseband
    • Updated apps
    • remove King Slim Rom battery icon
    • Vondroid Build.prop Optimise
    • Vondroid Bootlogo
    • Extra apps like ES File Explorer, Youtube,..

    with following changes from CFW Vondroid V1.2.4
    • Smaller Userdata.img image
    • Smaller System.img image
    • Removed taskmanager
    • Removed Busybox binaries (use too much system.img space)

    Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-40-46.png Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-40-59.png Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-40-08.png Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-40-30.png Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-40-37.png Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-39-44.png Screenshot_2013-10-14-19-39-41.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Update 2.1.0

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  1. ngtuan
    Version: 2.1.0
    i like it .....rom good , the best! I from VIET NAM ...
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