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Custom CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 3.x 3.3.0

CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 3.x

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  1. Tuen
    How to flash? same instruction like here
    SPF-Tool can be download here

    Special Firmware builded on my Birthday!
    Comments are always welcome! and don't forget rate the firmware!!
    This version will replace v2 version because v2 GPS doesn't works well.

    Based on Gizchina.it v15 with following changes:
    - Remove a lot of bloatware
    - Customised AOSP Battery icon
    - Vondroid Tweaks
    - Updated apps
    - 2,72GB internal storage and 11,24 Phone storage (for 16GB version)
    - Update Apps (Youtube, Play Store) (since v3.1.0)
    - Update su binary (since v3.1.0)
    - Maps update fix (since v3.1.0)

    Tested stuffs
    - FM radio works
    - GPS works
    - Bluetooth works (File transfer)
    - Phone and SMS works
    - Android Device manager (Find my Android)
    - Adobe Flash Player (since v3.1.0)

    Small changes for next update
    - remove double apps like torch and calendar Fixed v3.1.0

    Phone provided by @Pandawill

    Screenshot_2013-10-27-22-50-32.png Screenshot_2013-10-27-22-50-39.png Screenshot_2013-10-27-22-50-47.png Screenshot_2013-10-27-22-50-55.png Screenshot_2013-10-27-22-51-01.png Screenshot_2013-10-27-22-51-11.png
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