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Custom CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 4.x 4.0

CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 4.x

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  1. Tuen
    Testing release, need feedback to improve

    New based sources:

    • Remove a lot of bloatware
    • Vondroid Tweaks (ads block)
    • Updated apps
    • 2,72GB internal storage and 11,24 Phone storage (for 16GB version)
    • Add/Updated Apps (Youtube, Play Store, es file explorer, ...)
    • Rooted
    • Multi-language support
    • Touchscreen sensitivity update
    • Adobe Flash Player

    no it is not possible to only flash android partition to prevent your previous data, try at own risk. normally you need fully format your device.

    Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-40-33.png Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-40-47.png Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-40-41.png Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-40-56.png Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-41-07.png
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