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CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 V2.x 2.0 Beta

CFW Vondroid Zopo C2 V2.x

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  1. Tuen
    Based on Miui_C2_3.8.2_4.2 (05 august 2013) 2013-08-05
    Features from source:
    - MIUI design
    - Rooted
    - Multi language

    Changed of vondroid:
    - Preinstall gapps
    - CWM
    - preinstall apps (youtube, es file explorer,..)
    - remove Chinese bloatware (baidu keyboard, chinese market)
    - install AOSP Android keyboard
    - File system to ext4
    - Launcher replaced to MiHome (default launcher use too much memory)

    - it is always use 3G, can't switch to 2G GSM signal
    - some incorrect xml values (you will see something like "%1$s is now running..") in Settings
    - bluetooth not work? can find bluetooth devices.

    This is a beta version, There are still a lot of bugs exists. I'm not sure if there is a future update of this firmware.

    Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-29-47.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-29-57.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-30-02.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-30-07.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-30-14.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-30-21.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-30-30.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-30-37.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-31-08.png Screenshot_2013-08-09-22-31-25.png
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