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Chuwi V88 Firmware Release 08-01-2013

Multi-Win with SDK2.0

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  1. Gizfreak
    Change log notes:
    Updated for the new "Android Windows System," based on Android 4.2.2 sdk 2.0 window of operation. This is a multi-program in the form of multi-window in the foreground parallel interference.
    Reasonable allocation of the flat area of the desktop, greatly improving efficiency, allowing users to experience the unique fun of two, vertical screen can not be updated in the main interface to delete the application operation.

    Flashing procedure (per Natbyte instruction) is:

    1. DL Firmware and RockBatchTool v.1.6 to your PC and extract both to your desktop

    2. If you already haven't installed your drivers, install the Rockchip USB drivers on your PC These are in the Drivers folder in the RKBatchTool archive. Make sure you install the correct version for your operating system and the corresponding 32 or 64 bit version specific to your operating system This is important!!

    3. Power on your Chuwi V88 Pad mini. I suggest you have at least 50% battery.
    Now enter Settings, then under the DEVICE section select the Storage option then press the Settings icon (three square dots) located in the top right corner of the screen.
    Then press the USB computer connection option, make sure you have checked the Mass Storage Device option.

    4. Now connect the Chuwi V88 to your PC with the micro USB to USB lead. Now navigate on your PC to the folder labeled BatchTool, and right click and run RKBatchTool as Administrator.

    5. Rockchip Batch Tool 1.6 will load. You should see a pink indicator box under the Connected Devices section. This shows your V88 has been detected.

    6. You will now need to select the firmware (update.img) you wish to flash, click the location button. Its … at the opposite end of the FW Path: line. Now navigate to the update.img file and select.
    The Rockchip Batch Tool will then load the file and display the files details in the info boxes.

    7. Now press the button at the bottom of the Rockchip Batch Tool marked "Switch" this will enable firmware flashing mode. The Chuwi V88 will now have a black screen, however the Connected Devices indicator box will change from pink to green.

    8. Now press the Restore button. The Connected Devices indicator box will now flash yellow as the V88 is formatted. The new firmware will then be uploaded.

    9. Once this flashing process has finished, the V88 will reboot into the Android recovery system.
    This will format the /data /cache and the /mnt/sdcard/. The V88 will then reboot.

    10. The first time boot is very sloooooow, just be patient.

    11. Once booted the Chuwi V88 will be in the default Chinese language, you will need to change your language unless you are Chinese.
    Press the settings icon on the V88 main screen, now in the left hand column scroll down to the A… symbol in a square box, press it.
    The very first option in the right hand side menu is languages. Press this. It will now list all the language options. Scroll down to your choice and select.

    Enjoy the upgraded V88.
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