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CS918 - T-R42 4.4.2

Tested with motherboard ls_x6_v12

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  1. adionel
    Here is a stock rooted kitkat firmware, sent by my vendor for a CS918-T-R42 clone

    CPU: Rockchip RK3188-T
    LAN: Realtek 8152B
    WIFI: Realtek MT5931SA
    Bluetooth: Realtek MT6622N
    Audio: Rockchip RK1000-S
    HDMI: ITE IT66121FN
    Power Management: Active 8864QM
    USB: USX2064AEZG
    Memory: NANYA NT5CB512M8CN-CG
    NAND Flash: 29F64G08CBABA
    Board Revision: LS_X6_V12

    Be careful, it seems that this rom is lying on internal RAM, showing 2GB for 1GB really present


    1. IMG_0341.JPG
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