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CX-803 Official Firmware 1.0 (04-03-2013)

TV Stick Official Firmware - 4th March 2013

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  1. mrkus21
    CX-803 - Official Firmware 4th March 2013

    CX-803 is a new DualCore MINI PC with external Antenna, it uses RTL8189ES Wifi Chips.

    How to Upgrade:
    1. Download the Driver and RKBatchTool.
    2. Plug the USB cable to PC
    3. Plug the other End of that USB cable to CX-803′s OTG port (not Power Port) while you hold the FN Button.
    4. Windows will notify you about a new Device found. After that install your Rockchip Driver and the RKBatchTool.
    5. Flash the new Firmware...
    6. Start the RKBatchTool from the Folder where you extracted it.
    7. If the Driver is installed correctly the first block at the RKBatchTool should be green or blue.
    8. Load the cx803.img with the [...] Button
    9. Click "Restore" and wait.
    10. After when its finished, it should look like this...


    Download Drivers here: http://vondroid.com/threads/rockchip-usb-driver-for-windows-2000-xp-vista-7-8.6151/
    Download RKBatchTool here: http://vondroid.com/threads/rockchip-batch-tool-version-1-5.7420/

    Never tested this, but should work. Everything you do is on your own Risk.
    I´m not responsable for any Problems caused. I only provide your this Informations.
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