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Gizchina V16 2013-10-28

Gizchina V16

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  1. Tuen
    From: http://gizchina.it/2013/10/nuova-gizrom-per-zopo-zp980-marsapa-v16/

    1) Aroma Installer;
    2) Deodex;
    3) busybox;
    4) Zipalign;
    5) Aroma in choosing whether to install the boot.img for zp980/c2 or C3
    6) ability to install a launcher from the following:
    Default, Lenovo launcher, Nova launcher, Xperia Touchwiz launcher and s4;
    7) App "Wifi File Transfer" to transfer files wirelessly;
    8) Xposed Installer;
    9) Gravitybox 2.6.3;
    10) OgBattery with new icons battery;
    11) Fixed a problem charging zp980/c2 from your last firmware Zopo of August;
    12) app user (so you can uninstall) lock screen S4;
    13) new logo;
    14) new wallpaper full hd;
    15) bootanimation google as well;
    16) Apollo player;
    17) Sony Walkaman player;
    18) FM Radio with RDS;
    19) App lenovo power;
    20) Lenovo App "Super room";
    21) Gps config can be set directly by continent in Aroma;
    22) can be installed in various Aroma app users;
    23) app system and users updated to 21/10/2013
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