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GpsSetup2 2013-05-27

A program that helps improving gps

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  1. Svetlin Sofroniev
    This program is taken from the 4pda forum. To make it work you should do the following:
    1. Download QuickShortcutMaker from the Playstore.
    2. Put Gpssetup2.apk in the sd card and install it. It doesn't appear in your programs(appears only as a process), that's why we need QuickShortcutMaker- install it and run it.
    3.Type GpsSetup2 in the search bar of Activities and press OK after finding the aplication. After that tha aplication will appear as a shortcut on the desctop.
    4. Start the aplication.
    5. In Setting -> Parameter settings ->Adress->Server type select 1x MPC.
    6. In Start mode select Hot start.
    7. In Position modeselect Preset option 3.
    8. Go back to Settings->Fix Request Settings->Session Typeand select Tracking; In Session Operation select Standalone; In Server Option select Local.
    9. Go back to main menu and select gpsOne XTRA.
    10. In Xtra Enable select Enable.
    11. Go to main menu->Commands-> Get posiition and press Start GPS
    This will calibrate your gps. Wait untill it finishes. REMEMBER that gps calibration must be in open air.
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