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Haier W718 MIUI 20121010 4.0.3

Haier W718 MIUI 20121010

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  1. Tuen
    Google Translate:

    1, this for the MIUI core transplant ROM, non-skin version, Brush Please note that non-perfect version, this version
    Problems: The camera can not be used as a single-card version, early adopters can try.

    2 the All Programs After ziplagin of optimization, optimization take up memory start faster.

    3, adding Sony Sony BRAVIA ENGINE picture quality optimized display engine

    4, the default input method Baidu

    5 perfection root,

    6, remove the switch the sound

    7, G-sensor optimization parameters to solve the problem of playing the game sensitivity is too high.

    201212121457172020.jpg 201212121457581402.jpg 2012121214565150042.jpg 2012121214565644576.jpg
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