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Custom King Slim Rom [Update from Sziraki] 2.1.1

Fast & Smooth, basic update and such

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  1. Sziraki
    Screenshot_2014-01-19-01-25-20.png Screenshot_2014-01-19-02-42-16.png Screenshot_2014-01-19-02-42-58.png Screenshot_2014-01-19-02-43-48.png Screenshot_2014-01-19-02-45-04.png
    Hi! This rom is basicly not my work, I made some update, modification, I made it better.

    Ready for everyday use, fast & smooth.
    -build information is now ZP980 (not c2)
    -bootanimation is changed to the one of vondroid's
    -recovery is now twrp
    -SDCARD0 - SDCARD1 FIXED (primary storage (sdcard0) is always the internal phone storage)
    -30 step media volume, 10 step alarm and calling volume
    -fixed the issues of mint theme
    -new system wallpaper & new wallpapers
    -adaway -> adfree
    -cmfilemanager -> esfileman
    -apollo is now adfree
    -new calculator
    -unuseful stuff removed
    -removed wifi, lockclock icon from launcher
    -batterymod by marsapa
    -dualsim ringer
    -systemapps updated (gmscore, gmail, googleplay...)
    -chrome -> dolphin browser (runs much much much much better, chrome gave me random reboots sometimes)
    -factorymode translated to ENGLISH (might contain some translating mistakes, simply because i don't speak chinease)
    -new apps: kingsoft office, (dolphin browser), (calculator), (esfileman), soundrecorder, google keep
    -Yandex.Shell launcher
    -original live wallpapers removed, 2 new imported

    Maybe i forgot something :D Worth a try, enjoy!!!
    And appreciate my work ;)

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  1. 2014.01.23.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nightlylight
    Version: 2.1.1
    why you replace sdcard0 and sdcard1?!!!!! cant save phonerecords and screenshots mecause out of memory
  2. Stephen Hoang
    Stephen Hoang
    Version: 2.1.1
    Very good rom. thanks
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