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MINIX Neo G4 - Official Firmware 4.1.1-20-05-2013

MINIX NEO G4 - 20th May 2013 / Android 4.1.1 / Version 007

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  1. mrkus21
    MINIX Neo G4 - Official Firmware

    Android 4.1.1
    Version 007
    Release Date: 20th May 2013

    Upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1, must use the "Restore" mode in the RKBatchTool.
    Modifying from 4.1 to 4.1, please also use the "Restore" mode to avoid FLASH corruption.
    Please DO NOT use the "Upgrade" mode during any upadtes.
    WARNING: Backup all data before you do the Restore, all data will be lost.

    • Added NFS.ko
    • Applied new set of FFMPEG video decoder library
    • Added 5.1 channel HDMI PCM multi-channel audio (NOT HDMI passthrough)
    • Updated libstagefright video decoder library
    • Native Google apps. added back (Calender, Maps…etc)
    • Support the new RKremote controller app. for Android devices
    • Added RKGameControlSetting for game touch profile setup
    HOW - TO :
    1. Download the Firmware and decompress it to one Folder
    2. "usb driver" has the NEO G4 Driver for different Windows Operation System
    3. Also you will get the Firmware file, format is .img
    4. Get your Neo G4, and find the "Recovery" button (little Hole on the Side)
    5. take a Paper Clip and then press the Recover button, you can feel it when you insert to that hole.
    6. Press the Recover button, and then at the same time, connect the NEO G4 with your PC via OTG cable
    7. Your PC will find a new Device, and inform you to install the Driver, then you can go to "Device Manager" and find the unkown Device, install the Driver from the folder you just download
    8. Open the "RKBatchtool" the flash tool, if you have installed the Driver correctly, you will see a green button, if not, you will see a pink button, then try to install Driver again
    9. Choose the Firmware you just download, and click "RESTORE" button.
    Please do not interrupt the Power Supply when you do the Upgrade!

    I´m not responsive for any Problems occur ! Everything you do is on your own Risk !
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