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Custom MIUI V5 3.11.1 changed by youhua (3.11.5) 20131105

MIUI V5 3.11.1 changed by youhua

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  1. Tuen
    From http://www.592zn.com/thread-295647-1-1.html

    1 add init.d support, adding v6 script to start automatically, improve system fluency; brushing boot automatically Zipalign
    2. Delete some third-party systems applications, has completely root
    3 MIUI system memory usage optimization
    4 Replace part of the system to the latest version of the application
    5 Add ViPER4Android_FX latest version sound to let you experience better sound quality
    6 Add R.E. Manager Latest Chinese Version
    7 For all apk file for Zipalign operation and improve overall system efficiency and optimize memory usage execution
    8 joined saving patches, hoping to effectively bar
    9 DSP effects and adding a key lock screen
    10 appropriate to streamline the system, delete or replace the majority of ringtones etc.
    11 Join extracted from Sony Sony display engine technology V3 full version patch
    12 procedures in force into the Home
    13 memory reduction after dialing delay
    14 Improving global touch screen response
    15 conducted a deodex the ROM operation, smooth
    16.Adrenaline + Boost + depth memory consolidation script
    17.GPS profile optimization, the latest hosts advertising shielded
    18 Optimizing wifi signal, enhancing stability
    19 Some utility software can be directly unloaded

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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 20131105
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