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MIUI V5 Slipstream 031021

MIUI V5 Slipstream

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  1. Tuen
    From: http://www.592zn.com/thread-294098-1-1.html

    ROM features

    1 Firmware update from SD-card package , In theory it should be an universal firmware
    (2) has been ROOT;
    3 Slipstreamed:
    • Remove Dayong, library files, images, animations, sounds, and all deleted.
    • Deleted settings.apk useless pictures , etc., from about 20MB to about 8MB;
    • delete the useless wallpaper framework.apk ;
    4. MIUI can't reach in the Network Assistant, the software can only be installed after the control is recommended to install an Android firewall that allows MIUI system can not access the network ;
    5 I use a Apple iOS theme, but can not directly change the theme of the ROM
    6 After turning and several times after clearing the memory , free memory may reach about 600M;
    7 anti-virus software has been deleted, please pay attention to their risk of infection .
    Problems : settings.apk This program can not update to the latest , with the latest there will be " Dual Card Management " and "mobile network " two can not be used , I do not know how to solve , know this about heroes trouble , first thanks .

    221903do8pee1qau1qqmbo.png 221818do0b5aitaa500cii.png 221728fszfjlfgv2x2684f.png 221916d8vxon2xinikkngu.png 221943hx25cns1c7tsg29l.png 221958sve8tmtorepvktbu.png 222016laiqo8nz42rjwoks.png 222041avqiwf9a5ff3ahdu.png 222056kanbaeeib8iavyzo.png
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