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Miui_C2_4.2 4.7.11


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  1. Tuen
    From http://www.592zn.com/thread-282115-1-1.html (I'm just mirror them on our servers)

    Firmware for 4G version with MIUI support. Rom is support dual sim card that was produced by patchrom before.Simple transparent design to give you a perfect MIUI

    1. Before update the firmware, do a double clear before (clear-cache and clear dalvik cache) and don't forget make backup first
    2. except MIUI it is very stable firmware. if there are bugs you need to report to get a better firmware
    3. At the moment there is problem with camera shooting function
    4. Recovery can be use from other rom
    5. this package is based on a Russian version, that the reason why there is not so much bloat software included
    6. Overal optimised version, I can say there is no bug founded at the moment. but sometimes there are icons that won't display
    7. After firmware update, set your desktop setting for theme centre animation to 0.5x to get smooth effect
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