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Custom MK808B - MINIX Hybrid Firmware by Lewy _ 720p 4.1.1

Custom Hybrid ROM by lewy v2.2.3 STABLE

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  1. mrkus21
    MK808B - MINIX Hybrid Firmware by Lewy _ 720p

    Android: 4.1.1
    Resolution: 720p
    Version: 2.2.3 stable



    -bug fixes
    -fixed 2dark4u kernel support
    -init.d support
    -separate modules
    (now only btusb.ko; cifs.ko; md4.ko; xpad.ko; virtual_touchscreen.ntts.ko are loaded at startup)
    -modules package
    (if you want tu use any of additional module, just extract the "Modules RK3066" package
    chouse module you want to be loaded at startup, rename it to "custom.ko" and put it in the root of internall sdcard
    it will auto load on next boot.
    you can put up to 3 custom.ko (custom.ko; custom1.ko; custom2.ko)
    -fixed wifi for mk808 (becouse of thease i need to create separate .img for mk808/mk808b)
    -usb bt for mk808 will be optional (if you want usb bluetooth support flash USB BT Kernel using rktools or finless tools)

    Flash it with RKBatchTool 1.5 and above...

    Thanks to lewy20041 from Freaktab.
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