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MK809II - Recovery and Flash Tool 1.0

Recovery and Flash Tool for Issues with MK809II

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  1. mrkus21
    MK809II - Recovery and Flash Tool

    Notice: when your MK809 has following Issues, pls solve these Issues by recovery/update Methods:
    1. After Boot, there´s no Signal
    2. There´s only Boot Screen
    3. System running very Slow, or Crashing
    4. Can´t find the Wireless Network, or can´t Connect
    5. When installing App, player loses Power unexpected and boots up
    Everything you need is in the Package !

    Download Drivers here: http://vondroid.com/threads/rockchip-usb-driver-for-windows-2000-xp-vista-7-8.6151/
    Download RKBatchTool here: http://vondroid.com/threads/rockchip-batch-tool-version-1-5.7420/
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