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Newman n2 n2_00.0E n2.00.0E

newman n2 rom

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  1. mihai_brb
    Newman n2 custom rom , made from .18 oficial version. This is the tweaked version of the oficial rom .it has full google play store already instaled, does not have startup blured screen, i think the battery problem has been resolved, does not overheat as much as the oficial rom,but it still overheats in games, but not as much. It is fully rooted. In my opinion it is the best Newman n2 rom so far, far better then xtreamer joyz, it is more fluent and does not overheat as much.
    Instalation is done through custom recovery, download the file update.zip on your sd card, then go into recovery do the 3 wipes.wipe data ,wipe cache, wipe dalvik cahe and then select update rom from sd card and navigate to update.zip location and chose it and that is all. Enjoy your new rom.

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