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Rockchip Drivers Auto Installer 3.5-29-09-2013

Autoinstaller for all Windows Versions for Rockusb Drivers !

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  1. SergioPoverony
    Rockchip Drivers Auto Installer
    by SergioPoverony

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    Here you can find me: http://vondroid.com/members/sergiopoverony.2185/

    This Resource includes a AutoInstaller from SergioPoverony which installes all Rockchip Drivers automatically for your current Windows Version, chooses itself 32 or 64Bit and copies all Drivers to your Harddisk.

    After this you can connect Rockchip Devices to your PC !!!

    Tested by mrkus21 at XP 32Bit, works great.
    Update 26.04.2014: also now tested on Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit, works !
    Please Comment your expieriences...


Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: 3.5-29-09-2013
    wtf there is no info just a how to thank you?
  2. 杨鹏881
    Version: 3.5-29-09-2013
  3. mrkus21
    Version: 3.5-29-09-2013
    Also works great on Windows 7 64 Bit !
  4. WillinhoS
    Version: 3.5-29-09-2013
    Works great! XP SP3 32Bit and fresh Tronsmart MK908II.
    Thank you very much!
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