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Rockchip RK3288 - Android Tool 2.3-11-08-2014

New Rockchip Android Tool for RK3288 !

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  1. mrkus21
    Rockchip RK3288 - Android Tool

    Version: v2.3

    For those who know Rockchip there always have been 2 Flash Choices for Rk3066 and RK3188... the RKBatchTool and the RKAndroidTool.
    One for the update.img File and one for all the Files like system.img and so...

    For the RK3288 now Rockchip has released only One Tool with both Choices... So you can flash your Firmware in both ways.

    For the update.img...
    And also for all the img Files...
    It´s now your Choice how to flash it. But keep in Mind to use the correct ROM for your Device !

    There are also some Advanced function in this tool, you can unpack the update.img file to different kernel.img, boot.img, receovery.img etc. which you might use it in firmware developing.


    Any Questions, feel free to ask.

    Thanks to Eric from @Geekbuying for this Sources.
    Please Eric if you read this contact me via PM, I need your Contact.
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