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Official [ROM Download] Stock Firmware For M8 Amlogic S802 Quad Core TV Box with XBMC and Google Play Store 2014-04-21

Stock Firmware For M8 Amlogic S802

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  1. Geekbuying
    Since we have got the M8 sample for a while, but the first sample are lacking the google service, so we don’t post firmware and review for this model.

    Recently, we just get the firmware from factory ( hope they can have the firmware release faster [​IMG] ) and want to share with you guys:

    Firmware Download link:


    firmware password is geekbuying.com

    This firmware already built in XBMC and Google Play store. Finally a version which i can do the test.

    If you don’t know how to update the firmware, here is the instruction:


    Compare with the tronsmart vega s89, the M8 have the square shape, if people don’t like the shape of vega s89, then you can get this model.

    However bad news is the M8 still out of stock till now. the factory said the first bulk will come in the 20th April, We will see.

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