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Custom Rooted firmware upgrade for GK802 / HI-802 20130118a

Based on official

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  1. Gizfreak
    Rooted firmware upgrade for GK802 / HI-802 based on official
    Firmware comes:
    • Fully rooted
    • Play store issue fixed

    Credits go to deadhp.1 from Geekbuying Source

    • Extract archive.
    • Copy the files to a microSD card
    • Insert the microSD card into GK802 microSD slot.
    • Insert the microUSB cable halfway in GK802 (Do not power on)
    • Press the recovery button (located on the right side of the microUSB port, when the plastic part of the casing faces down) with a sharp object (use a toothpick or something).
    • Power the device, and keep pressing the recovery button 1 or 2 seconds, and connect it to the HDMI port of your TV
    • Select “Update all images” with the mouse, wait for the firmware update to complete, and click on “Reboot system” to start your new firmware.
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