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Official Tronsmart A928 - Official Firmware 4.2.2-08-01-2014

Stock ROM for A928

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  1. mrkus21
    Tronsmart A928 - Official Firmware

    Release Date: 08th January 2014
    Android: 4.2.2

    Flash it with RKBatchTool v1.7 : mhttp://vondroid.com/resources/rockchip-batch-tool.261/
    Drivers are here: http://vondroid.com/resources/rockchip-drivers-auto-installer.349/ or here: http://vondroid.com/resources/official-rockchip-auto-driver-installer.376/


    How to Flash:

    1. You should install the drivers for rockchip device
    2. After you install the drivers, please connect your Tronsmart A928 with your PC.You should Connect the power adapter with your tronsmart A928, charge it, and then use the micro usb cable in package to connect tronsmart A928 with your windows PC. (please note, now just support to upgrade in windows PC)
    3. After you connect , please open the flash tool you just download, and then load the stock firmware you download;
    4. Now it will be very important, please go to find a needle or simliar thing, you should press the upgrade button on Tronsmart A928,(wait, where is the upgrade button?, check the photo...
    5. The upgrade button is hide in the Audio Out port, so you should use the needle to insert in that port, and you will feel that you press one button!
    6. Please press the button, and don’t lose your hand, at the same time, please press the power on button on your Tronsmart A928.
    7. Now go back to your computer PC screen,you will find in the flash tool, the 1 change to green, and then please click” upgrade” button to do the firmware upgrade.

      It will inform you when the upgrade is finished.
    Enjoy !
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