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Official Tronsmart A928 - Official Firmware 4.4.2-beta

NOTE: this is only BETA Version !!!

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  1. mrkus21
    Tronsmart A928 - Official Firmware

    Release Date: 13th January 2014
    Android: 4.4.2

    Flash it with RKBatchTool v1.7 : mhttp://vondroid.com/resources/rockchip-batch-tool.261/
    Drivers are here: http://vondroid.com/resources/rockchip-drivers-auto-installer.349/ or here: http://vondroid.com/resources/official-rockchip-auto-driver-installer.376/

    • wifi , bluetooth is working, basic function is working, but since it called beta, there should be some bugs, i hope you guys can test
    Flash it like here: http://vondroid.com/resources/tronsmart-a928-official-firmware.453/
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