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Official Tronsmart Official 4.4.2 BETA FW 4.4.2-25-12-2013

4.4.2 BETA FW for MK908II,CX-919,GK282,GM525,imitoQX2,I2C

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  1. mrkus21
    Tronsmart - Official ROM - 4.4.2 Beta

    For the following AP6210 WiFi Models only:
    • MK908II (WiFi and BT working)
    • CX-919 (WiFi and BT working)
    • GK282 (WiFi and BT working)
    • GM525 (WiFi and BT working)
    • imito QX2 (WiFi and BT working)
    • IPPLI MARS I2C (WiFi and BT working)
    This Time MK908 and T428 do not work because of AP6330 WiFi Chipset !!
    • Update 05-01-2014: tested on T428, working with Ethernet, but no WiFi. Bluetooth works. !

    This Rom is base on the Android 4.4 firmware on tablet, so you will find some battery information or writings like Tablet.

    Geekbuying says: It is JUST Beta Firmware, we test the basic function, like wifi, bluetooth, camera, MIC all working, however, it must have some bugs, so FLASH AS YOUR OWN RISK!
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