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UG007 - Official Firmware 4.1.1-30-11-2012

UG007 - Official Firmware - 30th Nov. 2012

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  1. mrkus21
    UG007 - Official Firmware - 30th Nov.2012

    based on Android 4.1.1

    Kernel Version:
    ant@test-desktop # 115
    SMP PREEMPT Fri Nov 30 16:19:44 CST 2012

    Build Number:
    rk30sdk-eng 4.1.1 JRO03H eng.ant.20121201.102911 test-keys

    Update - How to:
    1. Rename the [VonDroid]-update.zip File to "update.zip" and copy this on the root of MicroSD card
    2. Insert the microSD card with the UG007 on, then opens a dialog to update the Firmware
    3. Click “Yes” to begin the update. During the firmware update, please do not remove the MicroSD card or turn off the Device !
    4. After a few minutes the Device reboots.
    5. Once rebooted remove the MicroSD card, thats it !
    I´m not responsilbe for any Problems that occur.
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