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Xtreamer OS 3.2.18

Xtreamer JoyZ Official ROM - Works with Newman N2/Freelander I20

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  1. EpLightning
    This is official Xtreamer JoyZ ROM. Works with Newman N2/Freelander I20 and probably Highscreen Explosion as well. Use latest CWM compiled for Newman or official 00.15 recovery.

    - Android 4.0.3
    - Dark theme
    - A lot of apps from MIUI
    - Rooted
    - Preinstalled google apps

    [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-39-37.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-39-50.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-39-55.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-40-40.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-41-02.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-41-06.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-41-10.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-41-17.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-41-31.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-41-38.png [VonDroid.com]-Screenshot_2013-04-22-21-42-04.png
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