A new social network that will pay you for seeing posts

Discussion in 'Android TV Reviews' started by sarah10000003, Oct 26, 2018.

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    100% secure,easy and trusted method for earning money online
    Also you can withdraw money any time
    There is no minimum payout requirement that shows its not a fake method

    First register on link below just using your Gmail account in one click
    (You will get a bones gift of 500 if you will register with above link)

    After that install a pivot app in your phone now log in by using that Gmail account which you registered before

    And start making money

    You can earn money in two ways
    First read the post of others and earn that is so cool because pivot a social network which gives you money just by seeing posts
    Even you will not waste your time

    Second you can invite your friends and you can earn money

    (If you still feelings confused just
    Watch this video below on YouTube
    There step by step guide with proof)

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