Chuwi v88s bootloop?

Discussion in 'V8' started by EMP, Jan 21, 2014.

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    Amersfoort Netherlands
    chuwi v88s
    SGS1 running cyanogenmod 10.2
    Hi All

    Tablet: v88s first gen
    Rom: Timeless

    problem stuck @ boot screen (chuwi pad mini)

    Yesterday evening i was playing on my chuwi after a moment i opened another app and the tablet freezes, the only thing possible was to hard power it off.
    after restart it again in hung on the bootanimation (blinking android) again i had to hardpower it off.
    after this I restart the tablet again and now after a while on the chuwi pad mini screen it goes to this screen: it only shows this no text...
    what to do?
    flash new bootloader?
    flash new kernel?
    flash new rom? (not my preference)
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