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Coolicool Lowest Price Guarantee

Discussion in '' started by CooliCool, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Coolicool Lowest Price Guarantee

    We guarantee our customers the lowest price on the Internet. In addition to matching the lowest price from the web, we will deduct an extra 5% from your order on the original price discrepancy. Please send us an email to and tell us where you find the lower price. Then, you can go ahead to place an order within the next 12 hours. Price adjustment for the matching and the 5% extra discount will be done manually after we verify the price. (See below for further details.)

    Fiercely Competitive Prices

    We shop at our competitors to make sure you get the lowest available prices on the Internet. However, if you still find a lower price (see next paragraph) from another e-Commerce merchant, we will gladly match that price to earn your business.

    Our Lowest Price Guarantee applies to all purchases. Comparisons should be based on products that are of exact model, unused and packaged, and are currently posted and available in stock from our competitor. The price for comparison should be the total price, including the cost of purchase of the same product and quantity, plus any applicable sales tax, shipping and handling costs. (Please note that our customers pay no sales tax.) Any special promotions, shopping club/points, auction related sites, free offers, and special payment arrangements are not eligible for price comparison.

    The Difference Back

    In addition to matching the lower price, we will give you a 5% discount on the before-matching price discrepancy.

    Lowest Wholesale Price

    If you are a wholesaler or retailer, we would like to offer you a quote. Please let us know about the prices that you are currently getting. We guarantee that we can match or even beat those prices. Most of our wholesale customers save over 20%. Click Wholesale to ask about our lowest prices.
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