Device Review Cube U35GT2 Unpack and review

Discussion in 'U35GT2' started by Tuen, Jan 8, 2014.

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    As you now before, My Cube U35GT2 from geekbuying has been arrived. (

    DSC_2209.JPG DSC_2210.JPG DSC_2211.JPG DSC_2212.JPG DSC_2213.JPG DSC_2214.JPG DSC_2215.JPG DSC_2216.JPG

    I've already test them out and i'm very happy about this tablet.
    It is a Cube U35GT2 with following specification:
    • Rockchip RK3188 Cpu (Quad core 1.6GHz)
    • 2GB DDR3 Memory
    • 16GB Internal storage
    • Front 2MP and back 5MP Camera
    • 7.9 Inch Capacitive Touch screen with 1024x768 Resolution
    • Wifi, Bluetooth Support
    • Got following connectors:
      • Micro-usb
      • Mini-hdmi
      • 5V charging port
      • 3.5mm Audio port
      • Micro-SD Card port
      • Stereo Speakers? / Microphone
    • Got the following physical buttons:
      • Power button
      • Volume +
      • Volume -
    • Battery 4000mAH Li-on Battery
    • Charger: 5V 1.5A charger with a EU plug converter
    I've already use them one day and i've already create a custom firmware for this device: CFW Vondroid Cube U35GT2 v1.x
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