Custom Firmware CX-921a - ROM

Discussion in 'Unlisted Android TV Firmware' started by walter77, May 18, 2014.

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    pureXbmc V2 - full working JB 4.2.2. Rom - perhaps the last JB Rom ever

    This is my new custom rom for xbmc media center usage on CX-921a RTL8188 wifi TV-BOX (no t-chip override at the moment, help is welcome!). Kernel build from source with new HDMI driver and real Rec. 709 color support (16-235). Boxes like UT1 and K-R42 V1 with RTL8188 wifi should work two but i can´t test.

    It's a really freaking fast 1080p full JB Rom and plays 20 GB MKV 1080p files over SMB lan inside my mod of Flumpters Beyond XBMC absolutely smooth with dolby/dts passthrough (haven´t tested bigger files cause i haven´t any).


    - HDMI Output with real REC.709 16-235 color support!
    - pureXbmc with dolby/dts passthrough
    - 1080p 24fps/25fps support!
    - rom is rooted and should support init.d scripts.
    - a lot of 720p and 1080p kernels, choose proper boot.img!
    - two different kernels, one with support of hdmi output and one with hdmi/analog output.
    If you don´t need analog output, you should use kernel with only hdmi output, cause it´s better supports 24p/25p.

    - Kernel supports a lot of file systems, like ISO, UDF, NTFS, FAT32, NFS...
    - new fast responding IR driver for stock remote!
    - modded launcher with Auto hide system bar option, performance settings, terminal and app background image
    - 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB parameter files
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