[Esperanza ETB103]The problem with rom

Discussion in 'General Tablet & Unlisted' started by Mrukos33, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Esperanza ETB103
    Hello. I'm from Poland
    I have a tablet Esperanza ETB103 : http://www.imei.info/phonedatabase/14905-esperanza-etb103-dream-tab-101/
    It looks the same as Flytouch 9

    I have uploaded to the tablet rom from Flytouch 9 android 4.2.2 but it did not work touch, so the Rkbatch tool I have uploaded rom Esperanza, but only displays the logo Esperanza and stands. RKAndroid Tool does not sees the tablet (No Found RKAndroid rock usb), install the included drivers does not help, so I can not do IDB Erase before installing the rom Esperanza and apparently you need. I bent OTG USB connector, works only connector PC USB but even before the injury situation was the same. The computer is running Windows 10 Home. Is this tablet is a different rom with a working touch?
    Thank you in advance for any help.
    I'm sorry for the mistakes but I use google translator
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