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Discussion in 'Order, Shipping and Experience' started by Ozhora, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Annecy, France
    Haier W718J

    Today i will tell you about my experience about my order at Hongkongeek.com.
    The 08/10/2013 I order 4 black W718J (presented as W718) on this website.
    Two days later they sent me an email with the bad news that they didn't have anymore W718 in stock.
    After few questions on the chat they told me that I need to wait 15 days in order to be refurnished.
    The 14/10 they finally sent them (less than 15 days :) ) and the 18/10 I have the DHL guy at my door.

    In conclusion I have a great experience with them and when I have got my half-bricked device they try to help me and offered to analyse my device. But thanks to Vondroid this wasn't necessary :)
    So if you are in Europe they are a very good seller and they respond quickly to your questions.

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