Download [FIRMWARE] M121S Firmware: M121S_3311 3.26

Android 2.3.4 Customized

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    Official Firmware

    Upgrading notices:
    1. Important Notes:
    a. Make sure you choose the upgrade package that corresponds to your device's model number.

    To make it easier, if your device does NOT have an indicator light, and does NOT have a slot to insert a TF card, then its model number is M120-3301 or M120-3201. The name of the package is creatent_usb_update_M120_3301_GVOS2.tar or reatent_usb_update_M120_3201_GVOS2.tar.
    And most of M120 are M120-3301.
    If your device DOES have an indicator light, and DOES have a slot to insert a TF card, then its model number is M121-3311 or M121S-3311. The name of the package is creatent_usb_update_M121_3311_GVOS2.tar or reatent_usb_update_M121S_3311_GVOS2.tar
    Procedure to check your TVpad model and version: On your TVpad, goto "Setting" --> "System Info"
    b. Do NOT turn off the power while the device is upgrading; otherwise the upgrade will be halted and there is a decent chance it will lead to device failure.
    c. After the upgrade has completed, when the device is turned on again for the first time, do NOT turn the power off when the system files are being created (The process will generally take approximately 5-10 minutes, please patiently wait during the process and not give the device any commands); otherwise the upgrade will be halted and there is a decent chance it will lead to device failure.
    d. After upgraded to 3.26, all originally installed applications will be removed and needed re-install.
    e. There may be a chance that upgrade appears incomplete.

    2. Steps to Upgrading:

    a. Copy the upgrade package into a USB flash drive. (There is no need to decompress, file name must not be changed, and the USB drive must be single-partitioned.)

    b. Insert the USB drive into the TVpad. It will recognize the flash drive and the screen will pop up this icon:
    c. Select "setting" 2.png "firmware upgrade," 3.png ,and press enter to begin upgrading.

    d. When the upgrade is completed, the system files will be created the first time the TVpad is turned on again, and the process will normally take up to 5-10 minutes. Please wait patiently during this time.

    e. When the main menu screen appears as the screenshot below (but without the apps, since they have to be reinstalled), it means the upgrade was completed.

    f. Check the upgrade results, select "settings", "system info", confirm that the following information,
    for example:
    Android version: 2.3.4 Customized
    TVPAD version: 3.26
    Model: M121_3311_GVOS2
    Product version: International
    Note: If the system info screen is garbled, there may be some error happened during the upgrading process and need to be upgraded again, or return back to TVpad for fixing.
    g. You can come here for the guide of apps installation.

    3. Version Features:

    a. adds the user agreement in boot wizard.
    b. adds the user activation warranty Center features.
    c. adds time zone settings in the boot wizard and system setting.
    d. adds payment modules support.
    e. the firmware interface text modification.
    f. SDK packaging change is applied.
    g. change the file format.

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