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Discussion in 'Technical Announcements' started by Piers, Sep 26, 2013.

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    In keeping with previous technical announcements I'm letting people know the forum software we use has been upgraded to the latest version. This brings the following fixes.

    • Fixes and improved compatibility for IE11 (particularly in the editor)
    • Updated to jQuery 1.10.2 for improved IE11 compatibility
    • Nofollow member search links as the results won't be indexed
    • Fix potential situation where forum counters could become incorrect
    • Fix spam checking on profile posts/status updates
    • Fix situation where route filters could be applied to incoming routes incorrectly
    • Make the account upgrades page responsive
    • Fix behavior of registration spam checks when the manual moderation threshold is disabled
    • Incorrect last post dates on threads in the global RSS feed
    • Prevent a PHP crash/blank output when editing a large post
    • Prevent some server error logs with long input in certain pages
    • Fix incorrect "can revert" permission check in edit history.
    • Make the filter controls in the ban list search across all pages of results
    • Fix problems with tagging users that have @ in their usernames
    • Fix importing of pages from XenForo
    • Limit the number of users a person can follow to prevent performance issues
    • Tidy up the sub-forum list with long forum titles
    • Fix errors if a URL tag is manually added around text that has already been automatically linked
    • Limit the maximum depth of BB code to prevent possible recursion errors and styling problems.
    As usual, if you notice and error anywhere please send me a private message or use the contact centre.

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